Center for Housing and Community Engagement

GIS Specialist

Kelly Suttles

Kelly Suttles

Kelly Suttles earned a master’s degree in Natural Resources and Geographic Information Systems from North Carolina State University to visualize and analyze data to inform complex and multidisciplinary decision making. While she is very connected to the natural world, she is more interested in how people can have a more positive impact on the places they live, especially when it comes to land use planning. She has found an irresistible challenge in the Center’s data-driven approach to finding community-based solutions to complex housing and community problems.

Her current work at CHCS focuses on the City of Rocky Mount, NC. In this role, she develops data visualizations to illustrate housing conditions in certain neighborhoods within Rocky Mount. These data will inform current efforts to proactively address housing affordability within these historic neighborhoods.

Kelly has long had an interest in maps and geography. She says examining and understanding a map is a way to explore and experience the world. She is especially drawn to visualizing data (with or without maps) to help tell a compelling story. She is a member of Phi Beta Kappa and Xi Sigma Pi honor societies and recently finished an Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE) fellowship.