Evaluation, Policy Analysis, & GIS Research

The CHCS Evaluation, Policy Analysis, & GIS Research Unit is a community based solutions unit that draws on program evaluation, statistical analysis, and geospatial information systems to support other university centers, non-profits, and governments to inform best practices and outcomes.

As part of the Center’s data-driven approach to finding community-based solutions to complex housing and community problems, the CHCS Evaluation, Policy Analysis, & GIS Research Unit  provides data acquisition/management, spatial analysis, and mapping for research projects and reports.  We are skilled in a variety of statistical and policy techniques and in visualizing data through dynamic web mapping applications that allow for user interaction.  Our projects leverage various statistical platforms (SAS, SPSS, R) and GIS platforms (ESRI ArcMap, ArcPro, and ArcOnline).

In addition to the Director who serves as principal investigator on the projects, the professional capacity of the Unit consists of: Dr. Kenneth Gruber, a research psychologist with over 40 years of experience in program evaluation and applied research; Dr. Haiyang Su, an education research methodologist with training and experience in big data analytics; Bruce Rich, public administration and policy researcher with legal background and training; and Meredith DiMattina who holds a master’s degree in Geographic Information Science and Technology from NC State Center for Geospatial Analytics and has experience in transportation planning, policing, and housing. The team is complimented by graduate research assistants and interns from Public Administration, Geography, Computer Sciences, Economics, and other disciplines on a regular basis.

Recent work of the unit includes:

  1. A study of affordable housing for the City of Wilmington and New Hanover County,
  2. A statewide analysis of legal needs for NC Equal Access to Justice,
  3. A comprehensive assessment of housing needs and market segmentation for East Baton Rouge Parish,
  4. The Rocky Mount Housing and Revitalization Initiative,
  5. A community needs assessment for Resilience High Point,
  6. the High Point Market Segmentation Study,
  7. The Quality of Life in Southern Appalachia study,
  8. an Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing for Goldsboro, and
  9. a Cost and Social Impact Analysis of Substance Use for Guilford County Government, among many other projects.