Health Indicators for High Point

Healthy High Point Foundation Health Report Card

A health and community scorecard provides performance benchmarks and improvement targets for a community so it can develops targeted programs to address health needs. This report card is compiled from local, state, and federal data sources to produce well defined measures of community health that align with the Intersectional Health Status Model (Gruber & Sills). These indicators are readily obtainable from existing public data, health system data, or are privately sourced, and are applicable to the specific needs of the Greater High Point area. Selection of indicators are based on existing evidence (published literature, state, regional, and county reports) of importance to community health.  Full documentation of the indicators may be found in the final report Foundation for a Healthy High Point – Health Report Card – Key Indicators Report.

To view the Asset and Health Indicator map, click here.

To read an article on the Report Card published by the High Point Enterpriseclick here.

TRAINING MATERIALS: Using maps and data to tell a story

Chi-Square Calculator

Chi-squares are an invaluable tool for analyzing data. Simply put, researchers – and soon, you – can use chi-squares to test if there is a statistically significant relationship between two variables. This tool helps researchers argue that there is a relationship between two variables – such as, where one lives and degree of opioid abuse. With the tool that we have developed you will be able to do statistical analyses on data you have received or collected with no hassle. You may find linked here the  step-by-step directions and Excel Chi-Square tool.