Healthy High Point Report Card

CHCS recently developed a health and community “report card” for the Foundation for a Healthy High Point. This report card provides performance benchmarks and improvement targets as it develops programs focused on addressing health needs within the community.

Data in the Health Report Card was sourced from local hospitals and health care providers, county and state public health agencies, as well as the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and other federal sources providing the most up-to-date and reliable information available. Drawing from these local, state, and federal sources, over 70 social, demographic, economic, and community health indicators were assembled.

“Each variable was examined as it related to our Intersectional Health Model which includes indicators of personal health management, disease and illness conditions, access to health resources, health behavior engagement, social determinants of health, as well as environmental factors,” says Dr. Gruber. “We settled on fifteen key indicators ranging the life course from birth to old age that demonstrate key public health issues specifically impacting neighborhoods in High Point. Additionally, community health assets were listed and mapped. The resulting profile provides a “picture” of health needs, health behaviors, and health resources available in Greater High Point. The data profile established by this approach provides a baseline for showing comparative progress for the future.”

The Healthy High Point Asset & Health Indicator Map was also created for the Foundation by Dr. Sills and the UNCG Center for Housing & Community Studies. The asset map examines locations of local “assets” (health and health-related facilities) in order to connect the community with resources.

View High Point’s 15 Key “Indicators of Health” site here.