Center for Housing and Community Engagement

Health & Housing Symposium


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Symposium Presentations

Session 1 – Market Segmentation for Improving Housing in High Point, NC
  • Michael E. McNair, Community Development and Housing, City of High Point
  • Dr. Thomas Tricot, High Point GIS Manager
  • Dr. Patrick Harman, Growing High Point and Hayden-Harman Foundation
Session 2 – Avoiding Negative Outcomes – Gentrification, Eviction, and Displacement
Session 3 – National Healthy Homes Month Kick-off with U.S. HUD Secretary Carson
Session 4 – Keynote: Market Valuation Analysis for Guiding Revitalization
  • Dr. Ira Goldstein, President of Policy Solutions, Reinvestment Fund

Session 5 – Lessons from Invest Health

Afternoon Workshops

University Community Partnerships
Government Open Data
Easy GIS Tools and Community Asset Mapping
Community Health Data
Rural Housing Tools
Using Data Dashboards to Inform Non-profits and Residents