Housing Assistance

For eviction mediation assistance, please contact drnorris2@uncg.edu or call: Renée Norris, Mediation Coordinator @ 336.334.3731  

Latest publication from CHCS – Testing residential tap water

Abstract Background In 2015 alone, community water systems serving about 21 million Americans violated the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s (US-EPA) water quality standards. While water at community treatment and distribution centers is regularly monitored and tested, little is known about pollutants in the water systems at the household level. Aims This pilot study assessed the...

Guildford County COVID19 Vaccine Health Messaging

The rates of COVID morbidity and mortality are the highest among people of color. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Non-Hispanic African Americans, Hispanics, and Indigenous people are almost four times more likely to be hospitalized and nearly three times more likely to die of COVID-19 than white people. Communities of color are faced with many barriers that contribute...

Assessment of Civil Legal Needs in North Carolina

The North Carolina Equal Justice Alliance is a community of civil legal aid providers serving low-income and underrepresented constituencies. Many Alliance members also promote policy initiatives to improve the lives of those who face systemic barriers or are impacted by poverty.  The mission of the Equal Justice Alliance is to provide central coordination of a sustained, comprehensive, integrated,...

A Racialized History of Greensboro

Recording of Greensboro Faith Leaders Council meeting featuring a presentation by Dr. Stephen Sills from the Center for Housing and Community Studies at UNC Greensboro entitled Poverty and Community Disparities: A Racialized History of Greensboro.