Eviction Mediation Program

The Eviction Mediation Project provides relief to an overburdened court system. The mediation service is available to any Guilford County tenant or landlord involved in a case where a tenant is at risk of eviction or where eviction papers have been filed. The program was launched in December, 2020 with funding from the United Way of Greensboro, the Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro, Guilford County Government, and the Foundation for a Healthy High Point.

Tenant Leadership Academy

The TLA is a training program for tenant organizers.  We recruit tenants from mostly low-income apartment communities in Greensboro.  They are invited to participate in twelve to eighteen workshops in six sessions held over a twelve-week period, covering topics that include tenant rights and obligations, access to resources, history of housing and spatial disparities in housing quality, development of leadership skills and a series of workshops on creating and implementing a tenant association.  Participants are paid $250 for approximately 25 hours’ work. Graduates become members of a network of organizers who share ideas and collaborate on initiatives to improve conditions, promote collective action and advocate on housing-related policy issues.

Health Impact Team (HIT)

The Health Impact Team at the Center for Housing & Community Studies is a community outreach team that focuses on building partnerships with community residents and organizations to address housing conditions that contribute to both environmental and social determinants of health.

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