CHCS Upcoming Canvassing Dates and Details

Posted on August 31, 2015

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Inclusive information on upcoming CHCS canvassing dates

Rebecca Harrelson

No one should be living in unsafe housing conditions in Greensboro NC. Especially when we have able bodies to rid others of this burden. The UNCG Center for Housing and Community Studies is conducting a study to identify residents in low income neighborhoods who may need assistance in maintaining or improving the conditions of their homes.

The CHCS is putting together a team of Greensboro community members to canvass different neighborhoods in the Greensboro area.

The team will be asking residents about the conditions of their home:

– Have any problems with the electrical wiring?

– Any small kids in the home?

– Feel safe in your home?

– Do you require grab bars in the bathroom?

Why get involved? By volunteering a couple hours of your weekend you are giving back to your community. You are building relationships with your neighbors. You are allowing yourself the opportunity to grow and improve your community. Starting these conversations with community members go further than CHCS but builds a better Greensboro.

The dates for the upcoming canvassing:

– September 12th – Glenwood

– October 10th ( Tentative ) Southside High Point

– November 14th ( Tentative ) Cottage Grove

– December 5th ( Tentative ) MLK/Old Asheboro

The research we are conducting will be used to help the elderly and low-income populations of Greensboro live healthier and stress free lives. If you want to be a part of this grassroots effort, need more information, contact Zechariah Etheridge at [email protected]. CHCS looks forward to hearing from you!

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