Congratulations to Will Burnett (CHCS HIT)!

Posted on June 03, 2022

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Community is a main motivator for Will Burnett, who recently graduated with his bachelor’s in public health from the Department of Public Health Education. From working as a field data collector with the Center for Housing and Community Studies (CHCS) to interning with the New Arrival Institute, Burnett applied public health principles to make real-world impact in the community — all while maintaining a 3.9 GPA.

But Burnett did not always know that public health was his passion. In fact, when he first arrived at UNC Greensboro, he was a biology major. After a few public health courses, he was hooked by this intriguing discipline and immediately changed both his major and college trajectory.

“I just realized I really wanted to be more involved with the community,” he said, “I think public health opens your eyes to the idea that you’re working towards something greater.”

For Burnett, this “something greater” is a desire to help the community by working behind the scenes to improve public health. While at UNCG, he gained foundational knowledge in the classroom, applied experiences in Greensboro, and leadership opportunities on campus that provided him with a well-rounded skill set to help him reach this goal.

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