Equitable Housing Solutions & Community Violence

Posted on December 07, 2021

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The United Nations declared “the right to adequate housing” to be a fundamental human right in 1991. Affordable and safe housing is a necessity for good health and for healthy communities. Poor and inadequate housing conditions are associated with negative physical and mental health outcomes. Similarly, the environmental and social characteristics of neighborhoods impact health outcomes and negative neighborhood conditions are associate with higher rates of violence and violent crime. Is it possible that by addressing both housing and neighborhood conditions, we can address the public health issue of violence?

The Housing Hangout was facilitated by Erica Payton Foh, PhD MPH, Assistant Professor of Public Health Education at UNCG and CHCS Research Fellow.

  • James Tuttle, Assistant Professor of Sociology, University of Montana
  • Catherine Johnson, Director, Family Justice Center Greensboro
  • Vincent Reina, Associate Professor City and Regional Planning, University of Pennsylvania
  • Christina Plerhoples Stacy, Senior Research Associate, Metropolitan Housing and Communities Policy Center Urban Institute

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