Eviction Mediation Program

“The Eviction Mediation Program has the potential to help both tenants and landlords during a time when housing instability not only threatens the well-being of those affected, but endangers our community as a whole. The program provides a platform for landlords and tenants to work through issues in a collaborative way that benefits both parties without the expense, hassle, or burden of contentious litigation. We are hopeful the program will help landlords recoup rent money they have lost and lower renter turnover while keeping tenants from facing homelessness,”  said Holly Oner, Legal Aid Staff Attorney .

The Eviction Mediation Project provides relief to an overburdened court system. The mediation service is available to any Guilford County tenant or landlord involved in a case where a tenant is at risk of eviction or where eviction papers have been filed. The program was launched in December, 2020 with funding from the United Way of Greensboro, the Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro, Guilford County Government, and the Foundation for a Healthy High Point.

For eviction mediation assistance, please contact drnorris2@uncg.edu  or call: Renée Norris, Mediation Coordinator @ 336.334.3731