Food Cards: Helping Food Entrepreneurs Access Resources and Navigate Regulation

CHCS intern, Emily Thouin, over the course of the semester worked with Kitchen Connects Greensboro to create Food Cards. These pocket-sized cards contain useful resources for local food entrepreneurs and links with applicable federal regulations for these food groups. Food cards cover the resources and regulations for the following foods: acidified food, cold-filled products, standard fruit preserves, acid foods, food prepared & sold refrigerated or frozen, fermented foods, baked goods, dried products, specialty preserves, and pasteurized juices & ciders.

Each product has a different way it needs to be prepared, stored, and preserved.  On each individual card there is a definition of the product with picture examples as well of what the product may look like. On the back of the card there were links to different websites that include a resources and regulations. The links bring you to websites that help food entrepreneurs understand, in more detail, about how to prepare, manufacture, and sell the product you are wanting to make. We hope that these food cards help budding food entrepreneurs build their businesses and achieve their entrepreneurial dreams. 

The cards can be printed out or there are links that can bring you to an online version of the card. Links to these food cards are found below.

Specialty Preserves:

Dried Products:

Acidified Foods:

Acid Food:

Fermented Food: