Health Impact Team (HIT)

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The Health Impact Team at CHCS is a community outreach team that focuses on building partnerships with community residents and organizations to address housing conditions that contribute to specific health related issues. Our main concerns being asthma, increased levels of lead, and structural issues. We employ federal work study students dedicated and enthusiastic about health, housing, and community engagement.       

Team members coordinate outreach and direct service in communities disproportionately impacted by asthma and with high precedence of lead paint in homes and substandard housing conditions. While engaging with the community, they collect surveys on health and housing conditions and provide information about resources available to neighborhood residents. Students also participate in general health and housing education and outreach at community events.

The team includes:

  • Full-time Case Manager/ Project Coordinator
  • Masters and Undergraduate Public Health Interns 
  • Team of 15 work-study students trained in 
    • Canvassing and outreach
    • Leadership Training & Community-Engagement
    • Asthma triggers, lead hazards, and basics of healthy homes
    • Resource navigation




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