Center for Housing and Community Engagement

Nature of Evictions in Greensboro: An Analysis of Summary Ejectment Filings for May 2016

Posted on Wednesday, July 26th, 2017 by Center for Housing and Community Studies.

Frequent Plantiffs

Most Frequent Plantiffs

In our review of one month of court records we found that a few plaintiffs accounted for a large share of the complaints. These same plaintiffs have a number of tenant grievances and criticisms against them for poor housing quality and bad management. We also fo und that evictions, while found throughout the City, were concentrated disproportionately within a few specific communities in the South and Southeast. Nearly all cases (98.7%) were from non-payment of rent. Notably the defendant was not present in court in three-quarters of cases and the plaintiff almost always either won the case based on evidence and received compensation or received a judgment for possession as requested (99.0% of judgements and orders). The total amount due (overdue rent and damages) in these judgements was an average of $998.52 (mean) or $750.00 (median).

Read the entire report here: Evictions DRAFT 7-25-2017