October 2021 – Housing Hangout

Posted on September 28, 2021

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About this event

President Joe Biden came into office at the beginning of this year on waves of expectation, not least in the area of national housing policy. His campaign offered a $640 billion affordable housing plan and promised to fight predatory lenders and landlords, make Section 8 an entitlement, restore fair housing enforcement and much more. Once in office, the administration put housing at the center of policymaking, including with a Rescue Plan that allocated billions to rental assistance, a proposed Jobs Plan that would put $213 billion into affordable housing, and initiatives to carry out the campaign’s wide-ranging commitments. Now it’s all tied up in bureaucratic slowdowns and high-profile legislative logrolling.

Click the image to read the companion whitepaper: Report Card – Biden Administration Housing Policy

Our distinguished panel of policy experts and housing advocates will issue an interim report on the Biden Administration’s housing ambitions, housing achievements, and housing frustrations. Speakers include:

  • Pamela Atwood , Director of Housing Policy , North Carolina Housing Coalition
  • Peggy Bailey , Senior Advisor in the Office of the Secretary , US Department of Housing and Urban Development
  • Sidney Betancourt , Housing Advocacy Organizer , National Low Income Housing Coalition
  • Tim Robustelli , Policy Analyst , Future of Land and Housing Program , New America
  • Deborah Thrope , Deputy Director , National Housing Law Project


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