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High Point Eviction Data Report

The Center for Housing and Community Studies announces the release of their important report on evictions in High Point, North Carolina. This project sought to create a local eviction database for the City of High Point for the calendar year 2023. We collected information about each eviction case filed in … Continued

Housing and health symposium at UNC Greensboro

Symposium offers new tools for community revitalization The UNC Greensboro Center for Housing and Community Studies, in conjunction with the Richmond Memorial Health Foundation, will host a symposium on June 1 on the use of data to revitalize housing and health in mid-sized cities. U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban … Continued

NC Health News: Better Housing for Better Health in Greensboro

On September 20, 2017, Catherine Clabby wrote about BUILD Health Challenge’s funding for Collaborative Cottage Grove, for North Carolina Health News:  “A research center at the University of North Carolina-Greensboro last summer repurposed Google ‘street view’ photos to survey the exteriors of 78,000 city buildings, one property at a time. The … Continued

BUILD Health Challenge

Collaborative Cottage Grove is a BUILD 2.0 Awardee:  “Collaborative Cottage Grove’s Community-Centered Health program is committed to the transformation of health, equitable community development, and inclusion of cultural diversity. The partners are leaders in changing housing systems to align health and housing. They are not only mapping asthma hospital visits … Continued


Two-year grant aims to improve health in Cottage Grove neighborhood in east Greensboro [Greensboro, NC] Collaborative Cottage Grove has been selected for a prestigious national health award that will bring over $250,000 in funding to reduce the rates of preventable diabetes and asthma in the Cottage Grove neighborhood in Greensboro, NC. … Continued

Crunching data and mending neighborhoods

Verna Torain has lived in east Greensboro’s Cottage Grove neighborhood for more than 25 years. When she first moved to the community, many residents worked in nearby factories. “Now everything’s closed down,” says the volunteer and community activist. “There’s no jobs.” The economic toll has left its mark on Cottage … Continued

Yes! Weekly: Researchers examine link between housing and health

On October 2, 2016, Allison Stalberg of Yes! Weekly covered Greensboro’s Invest Health initiative: “Local researchers will focus on the effect of substandard housing on incidence of asthma. Research by the NC Department of Health Services found that nearly a third of children in North Carolina visited the ER or … Continued

The Deficit of Healthy and Affordable Housing in Greensboro

Demand for affordable housing in Greensboro is high, yet, the aging and substandard housing stock does not meet the demand leading to a crisis. Unfortunately, as we have seen the private investment market cannot take care of all the needs for affordable house in Greensboro. It takes public-private partnerships. We … Continued