Tenant Leadership Academy Arms Renters With Knowledge

Posted on August 16, 2019

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On Aug 14, 2019 David Ford of WFDD  interviewed Staff and Tenant Leaders at the CHCS Tenant Leadership Academy”

Public housing tenant Karen Spigner says her goals in attending the academy are clear.

“To learn how to fight some of the unfair practices of the housing — public housing — some of the policies and unfair charges that they’re charging the tenants and multi-dwelling,” says Spigner. “And I want to empower other people to take advantage of the resources in this city and to fight for what they believe is right in their quest for fair housing and to live comfortably in their homes.”

Rental community leaders like Spigner are each paid $250, and they earn it attending a series of intensive sessions. Each one is four hours of lectures and workshops interrupted by just two short breaks to stretch, and a 15-minute lunch break with sandwiches, chips, and drinks provided.

Listen to the full segment HERE

To apply for the next Tenant Leadership Academy – http://go.uncg.edu/tenantacademyapplication

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