Vacant Properties

Posted on July 27, 2017

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In this brief report we have provided several methods for ascertaining the number of vacant parcels and buildings in Greensboro. First, we conducted remote visual inspections of parcels in Greensboro in 2016. Inspectors coded properties without a building as 0, no; 1, yes; 99999, Missing. We found that 11.45% (n=8123) properties inspected had no structure. (See Figure 1 Visual Inspection 2016 – No Building on Property).

Next, we look at Guilford County Tax Records to see if there have been any taxed improvements on the land. Wherever the improvement value of the land is $0 and the land has value (>$0), we coded the property as unimproved, or having no buildings or other structures. About 19.5% (n=8859) of parcels had no improvement. (Figure 2 – No Improvements on Land – Guilford County Tax Record 2016).

We estimate then between 8,123 to 8,859 vacant parcels. Maps for both of these methods follow. Clear overlaps can be seen visibly between the two. Links to high resolution maps are provided and allow for close inspection. Additional analysis could be used to identify contiguous parcels.

Additional information is available in this data brief: Vacant housing and Vacant Land

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