Second Community Workday a Success!

Posted on October 02, 2020

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The second Buffalo Creek workday took place on September 19th in the Cottage Grove neighborhood with a great turnout. The workday supports the goal of raising awareness of environmental issues and improving the conditions of the creek. The workday is part of a larger program sponsored by a grant from the Water Resources Research Institute of the UNC System.

Thirty community volunteers from the Health Impact Team at CHCS,  UNCG Nursing students, A&T, and the Cottage Garden’s Resource Center got involved by picking up 25 bags of litter, 9 misplaced shopping carts, and a trashed bicycle as well as other miscellaneous waste items.

Everyone who came out enjoyed their time contributing to local efforts and inspiring residents to do the same. Many of whom, are looking forward to the next workday taking place December 5th.

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