UNC Greensboro

Racial Equity in Home Ownership

The Center for Housing and Community Studies convened its latest Housing Hangout today with a look at racially-disparate access to home ownership.  Black families face greater obstacles to home ownership – predatory lending, abusive credit scoring, the legacy of redlining, low income. The result: a rate of home ownership that’s … Continued

Mapping Equitable Communities

GIS for Social Good An address is more than where a person lives and receives mail. Places dictate what kind of opportunities people will have, their access to healthy food, education, jobs, and even how long they will live. Mapping can be a powerful visual aid for people to understand … Continued

Equitable Housing Solutions & Community Violence

The United Nations declared “the right to adequate housing” to be a fundamental human right in 1991. Affordable and safe housing is a necessity for good health and for healthy communities. Poor and inadequate housing conditions are associated with negative physical and mental health outcomes. Similarly, the environmental and social … Continued

Emergency Rental Assistance , Eviction Mediation, & COVID Recovery

The COVID-19 pandemic has not impacted housing so as much as it has exposed the underlying conditions resulting from a century of inequalities in access to safe, affordable, and decent housing. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is still being explored, but early data suggests that the wealth gap has … Continued

October 2021 – Housing Hangout

About this event President Joe Biden came into office at the beginning of this year on waves of expectation, not least in the area of national housing policy. His campaign offered a $640 billion affordable housing plan and promised to fight predatory lenders and landlords, make Section 8 an entitlement, … Continued

August Housing Hangout – Childhood Asthma & Housing

Asthma is the most common chronic disease of childhood often occurring before the age of 5. The exact cause of asthma is unknown, but we know that certain conditions in homes can produce “asthma triggers” such as certain types of dust, mold, and chemicals can invoke an asthma attack. Dr. … Continued

Housing Hangout – Housing & Education

Good housing is important to educational outcomes, lack of adequate housing negatively impacts children Having a comfortable living environment means a lot to a family, especially to children during school age. However, there are barriers to students’ schooling at both macro and micro level related to housing. Studies show that … Continued

Housing Hangout – Lead Safe Housing, Weatherization, & Repairs

Substandard and hazardous housing conditions are an ongoing issue in Guilford County where more than 5,800 homes lack complete kitchens, over 3,100 have no plumbing, and more than twenty census tracks are designated as having ‘high’ risk of lead exposure due to the age of the housing stock. Many residents … Continued

Housing & Reproductive Justice

SisterSong, a national organization and reproductive justice collective, defines reproductive justice as the human right to maintain personal bodily autonomy, have children, not have children, and parent the children we have in safe and sustainable communities.  Housing insecurity threatens one’s ability to parent their children in a safe and healthy … Continued

Housing Instability & Mental Health

Mental health is correlated with housing in several ways both as cause of housing precarity as well as an effect of poor housing. Studies have shown that mental illness is a predictor of living in a precarious housing situation, and one quarter of the homeless population in America suffer a … Continued